Artist Ginny Baughman investigates several mothers of the Bible through her unusual, contemporary art. The artwork in the show includes paintings, sculptures and paper constructions that tell stories of famous biblical mothers including Eve, Sara, Rachel, Rebekah, Naomi and Ruth, Elizabeth and Mary.

Ginny, herself a mother, brings her unique, modern perspective to these stories through her artistic narratives while pushing past the picture or sculptural plane into another dimension with the use of illusion and perspective, the addition of elements or the manipulation of the surface.

Through my art I want to promote a dialogue about ideas that are close to my heart. I am interested in the human, particularly the feminine, figure, as it relates to different aspects of everyday life from motherhood to global warming.

My ideas about femininity, our earth, and life in general, flow through the figures that I create. They show my concepts literally on their bodies, and develop as I work, as if I am speaking through them.

Artist Statement

I work as an author, poet, or musician creating a narrative that can be interpreted in a variety of ways. I weave a story leaving conclusions up to viewer's own interpretation. My viewer's interpretations make creating art so intriguing and rewarding, because I never know how my work will be comprehended. My hope is that it will spark a discussion about issues that are important to me.